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Passionately Serving Families

Originally from North Carolina, my husband and I relocated to Pennsylvania in 2014 to be closer to family. I have a degree in English Literature and have held a variety of positions from barista to marketing editor, though nothing ever felt quite right. In 2013, I supported my cousin through much of her pregnancy and postpartum, and though I didn't realize it at the time, that experience sparked my passion for birth work. Late in 2015, I came across the term "doula" and was surprised to find that a word I had never heard before might be just the right fit! I completed my certification through Childbirth International and eagerly started working with local families. In 2017, we welcomed our daughter to the world and in 2021, our son - their birth experiences adding richly to my personal birth journey as well as the way I approach doula work.

I'm thrilled to serve families in greater Franklin County, PA & Washington County, MD.

Sarah Bomberger
birth, postpartum & family doula

My Birth Philosophy

The journey from fertility and pregnancy, to birth, postpartum, and into parenthood is an incredible one. Although in many ways we can benefit from living in the age of technology, it can also complicate our lives. In a time when information and opinions are just a click away, it can be harder than ever to know what the options really are so you can decide what is best for your family. Doulas can help!

For centuries, female birth companions (doulas) have been helping families grow. My primary goal as a doula is to support and encourage you, your partner, and your baby. I believe that every family deserves the best birth possible, the available evidence to make informed choices, and 100% support no matter what.

I believe that pregnancy and birth are natural parts of life, not medical conditions inherently requiring treatment. Although medical intervention is a wonderful resource when necessary (or desired), women are far stronger and more capable than they know or give themselves credit for. However, birth is also just one part of a whole and the best experience can be gained when pregnancy, birth, and the postpartum period are all treated as equally important.

Most of all, I believe that being a part of a family’s birth experience is both an immense blessing and an extraordinary privilege!

Why "Little Bear"?

Little Bear Doula Support is named after the constellation Ursa Minor or "Little/Lesser Bear."
The brightest star in that formation is Polaris, the North Star. Believed to have been introduced as a means of navigation, Ursa Minor provides guidance to the true North. I think this is a perfect analogy for doula support as we provide the information necessary for families to choose their own path.

 I also love the unique combination of strength and comfort that bears convey - much like mamas with their own "cubs." While we may not hibernate quite like bears do (though we'd all gladly take more sleep I think!), when families grow, it is essential to honor the early transitional time in a similar fashion with warmth, comfort, rest, and nourishment.

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