There are so many fantastic resources in the greater Chambersburg area, this list couldn't possibly include them all. However, making confident referrals to trusted resources is an important part of how I strive to serve my clients. As such, I do my best to cultivate relationships with everyone I recommend. Additionally, I always appreciate suggestions for new assets to local birthing families.

I have partnerships established with some of these wonderful businesses. If you're considering hiring additional providers,
please let me know as we may be offering a discount on bundled services!


Classes Chambersburg Hospital Breastfeeding Class with Suzy Wilkinson
Blue Ridge Breastfeeding (Hagerstown)
Meritus Health (Hagerstown)

Lactation Consultants
Chambersburg Hospital: 717-267-7781 / Suzy Wilkinson, RN, IBCLC
Keystone Pediatrics: 717-709-7950 / Beverly Curtis, CRNP, IBCLC
Blue Ridge Breastfeeding Support Chambersburg Hospital support group The Keystone Breastfeeding Center with Beverly Curtis
La Leche League of Greencastle/Waynesboro
La Leche League of Hagerstown Great products
Pumpin' Pals - alternative breast pump flanges; having the wrong fit for a breast pump can seriously undermine all your hard work and cause unnecessary discomfort, these differently shaped silicone flanges are a wonderful alternative to standard flanges Bamboobies - whether for leaks or comfort these ultra-soft washable pads are superb Motherlove Nipple Cream: gentle, organic, and naturally soothing and far less messy than some of the cream-based options **Nice just because but if you're experiencing nipple damage, make sure to assess latch with a breastfeeding counselor or lactation consultant**


I am a sincere advocate for the benefits of counseling at any time of life, but especially during the childbearing period, whether supportive of overall wellbeing or as a medical necessity. There are many aspects of this time in a woman's/family's life which benefit from professional support - fertility, pregnancy, birth, postpartum, sibling adjustment, marriage transitions, etc. The resources listed below are highly trusted counselors, specifically experienced with the childbearing/early childhood period.

Cultivate Counseling: 1915 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg
Becky Allen,

Rockwell Wellness Counseling: Mercersburg (& virtually)
Leah Rockwell,


Bloom Therapeutic Massage & Wellness (Chambersburg)
*Certified in prenatal massage*
Deborah Stouffer, LMT / 717-262-2500

Lotus Moon Gallery & Yoga (Chambersburg)
Christine Elmer, LMT / 240-626-5606
------------------------------------------------ Chambersburg Chiropractic: Dr. Robert Fiss & Dr. Ryan Fiss
1461 Lincoln Way East, Chambersburg

Noll Chiropractic: Dr. Michael Noll
4755 Philadelphia Ave, Chambersburg

The Chiropractic Edge: Dr. Tiffany Russell
12080 Skyhawk Dr, Waynesboro


F2 Photography - Lexi (Greencastle)

Jennifer Rotz Photography (Chambersburg)


Kayla Mayes: 717-816-6947
Heather Rawlett


Support Groups:
Pinnacle Health New Mom Support (Camp Hill)
Postpartum Adjustment HOPE Group (Carlisle)

Postpartum Support International
PA State Coordinator: Tricia Steele; 570-560-4715;
PA State Coordinator: Brittany Edge; 724-454-8741;

The Postpartum Stress Center
Pacific Postpartum Support Center
Postpartum Education for Parents
The Midwifery Group: Your Postpartum Body handout


Sacred Gems Doula - Kendra (Chambersburg)
Sarah Scolaro (Hagerstown)
Solstice Doula - Rebekah (Harrisburg area)
Two Rivers Childbirth - Julie & Bergen (Frederick/Martinsburg, WV)

​MIDWIVES: Red House Birth Care - Amy Miller, CPM (Hagerstown) 240-643-8768 /
Dove Charity Home Birth - Valerie Monterrey, CPM (Waynesboro)
814-392-2277 /
Leah Ryder, CPM (Franklin County) 717-977-2498 / Mary Jane Leid (Shippensburg) 717-532-7771

Shifrah's Sisters Holistic Birth Services - Elizabeth Reiner, CPM (Myersville)
202-446-4400 /

Riverside Midwifery (MD, VA, WV)
240-341-4974 /


Available for all my clients to borrow, below are the titles from my personal lending library:

Ina May's Guide to Childbirth - Gaskin
Spiritual Midwifery - Gaskin
Active Birth - Balaskas
The Birth Partner - Simkin
The Thinking Woman's Guide to a Better Birth - Goer
The Healthy Pregnancy Book / The Baby Book - Sears
Childbirth Wisdom from the World’s Oldest Societies - Goldsmith
The Complete Book of Pregnancy and Childbirth - Kitzinger
Husband-Coached Childbirth - Bradley
The Mother of Pregnancy Books / The Mother of Toddler Books - Douglas
Wise Woman Herbal for the Childbearing Year - Weed
Understanding Your Moods When You're Expecting - Puryear
​The Expectant Father - Brott
Empty Arms - Vredevelt

The First Forty Days - Heng Ou The Everything Guide to Postpartum Care - Francis
Nurturing the Family - Kelleher
The Postpartum Husband - Kleiman

Breastfeeding Made Simple - Mohrbacher
The Nursing Mother’s Companion - Huggins
The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding - LLLI

I also recommend using your local public library for additional resources. The Franklin County system has copies of many of the books listed above. In addition, I would also recommend the following within their system:
Your Amazing Newborn - Klaus
The Hidden Feelings of Motherhood - Kendall-Tackett

Finally, there are many excellent resources available online. If you'd like help finding quality videos or resources on anything ​relating to pregnancy and birth, I am happy to send you my favorites upon request.


Though there is no shortage of "must-have" products for baby (many unnecessary), some items do actually make life a little easier. Here are a few we've personally found helpful that don't appear on many of the popular lists. **I receive no compensation for these suggestions and am not affiliated with any of the manufacturers.**

Summer Infant Bath Sponge: an unexpected gift that made baths warmer, better supported, and more comfortable
Baby Merlin's Magic Sleep Suit: when our active child could no longer be safely swaddled, this was essential for sleep transitioning (plus, it looks absolutely hilarious on and they are oh so snuggly in it)
Chicco Modular Sterilizer: more expensive than microwave-only versions, but after battling a few rounds of thrush and cleaning bottles for expressed milk, this workhorse has well earned its place on our countertop
A Tummy Time Book: immediately a favorite for the colorful high-contrast images and accordion style construction
Motherlove Diaper Balm: gentle, organic, and naturally soothing, plus safe for cloth diapers