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Sarah was just a joy to work with!!!! I loved all of our pre-birth meetings and felt like ​I learned sooo much! She was always extremely supportive and sent plenty of information my way so that I could make the best informed decision around the birth that I could. I also was very appreciative of the gentle way that she helped during labor...she was thoughtful and was always aware of how she could best help out.

B. Hess & baby G

Before working with Sarah I didn't think I'd get the birth experience I hoped for but she made it so! Having her there throughout my pregnancy helped ease my anxiety and gave me the confidence I really needed. I am so thankful for the way she was there for us during and after delivery. I always looked forward to our next visit.

K. Willman & baby T

I can't recommend Sarah enough. She was my doula for the birth of my second child, which was a home birth. I was unsure if I really 'needed' a doula, since I would be attended by a midwife, but I was so glad I made the decision to have Sarah with me as well. Sarah provided me support throughout pregnancy, during delivery, and for a couple weeks postpartum. Surprisingly, I found her support AFTER delivery to be most helpful! She helped with light housework, gave my other child some much-needed attention, and was able to help me recount my birth story and talk through it all, which was really important to me. She always did her best to make herself available, walked me through helpful information, worked with me on my birth plan, and provided emotional support when I needed it. We were new in town and did not have family close by so it was such a blessing to have Sarah's support and presence.

K. Conlon & baby A

Sarah was very helpful during our time together, and a great support during postpartum visits! I would highly recommend her."

C. Ray & baby C

Sarah guided me through the second half of my pregnancy and helped to support my husband and me through an interesting, and unexpected, complication at the end of pregnancy. While A’s actual birth was quick (emergency c-section), as a doula, Sarah helped prepare me – emotionally and intellectually – for all the possibilities I might encounter during delivery. She helped me see beyond the “ideal” narrative that we want to believe in and prepare for the unexpected situations that might arise. She also introduced me

to new concepts of relaxation, which absolutely assisted me in the natural anxiety that arose in the midst of unanticipated complications. After delivery, Sarah came to my side for simple things, like empathetic conversation in the early weeks to assisting me in a “freezer meal assembling extravaganza” that provided our family with easy healthy meals for months. Having a doula by our side during my pregnancy, delivery, and postpartum weeks was absolutely necessary for our family. I recommend Sarah because of her sweet, compassionate nature, but also for her high level of knowledge in this field.

S. Wilson & baby A

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