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pregnant woman
Prenatal Visits

Prenatal appointments, usually at your favorite coffee shop or in your home, are a chance for us to casually get to know each other. During these sessions, I enjoy listening as you (& your partner) share your vision for the birth and the needs you anticipate. We also practice labor positions and comfort techniques, think through postpartum planning, and discuss as many aspects of the birthing period as you have questions.

parent holding baby's hand
Labor & Birth Support

During the birth, I provide support in a variety of ways, depending on what we've discussed and what's needed in the moment. Sometimes this is hands-on with physical support, sometimes answering questions, sometimes sitting quietly nearby. Often it looks like encouraging you (& your partner) to be vocal about your wishes and needs, supporting you as you own your birth experience. Once baby arrives, I am honored to help with early feeding, taking family photos, getting food for mama, or whatever else may be needed as you bask in the glow of your sweet little one.

a nourishing meal
Postpartum Visits

Shortly after you all get settled back at home, our first postpartum visit is devoted to talking through the birth, providing you space and emotional support to process your beautiful accomplishment. Other postpartum visits may involve preparing nourishing food, running errands with or for you, tidying up around the house, playing with baby's siblings, or freeing you up to get a shower or nap...whatever is most helpful for you!

Throughout the course of our time together, I am available to answer questions, share resources​, suggest referrals, or simply chat. Whether this is your first or fifth child, this is a special time and I will do everything I can to support you in a dedicated and compassionate way - no matter your birth choices. I consider it an enormous privilege to be chosen as part of your birth team and look forward to serving you!

Though my rates are commensurate with our area, you'll find that my packages include more appointments than is typical. I feel the extra time is valuable for building authentic relationships with my clients and for a better postpartum transition. However, I am also happy to quote custom packages based on your family's level of desired support; we can discuss these options during your consultation.

Birth Package: $700*

  • three prenatal appointments to discuss comfort measures, birth wishes, and to answer questions, etc. (~2 hrs each)

  • daytime availability to answer questions via email, text, or call for your entire contract period

  • active 24 hr/day on-call availability two weeks before and after your estimated due date (EDD)

  • continuous labor support from the time you request me until two hours after birth

  • three postpartum appointments to reflect on your birth experience, assist with establishing breastfeeding (if nursing), and provide home
    support as needed including: light housework, meal preparation, running errands, etc. (~2 hrs each)

  • phone calls and/or texts to check in between postpartum appointments

Recognizing the sincere value of postpartum support, I also offer extended postpartum services at a rate of $25 per hour.

woman serving tea
Emotional & Physical

The emotional and physical transition after birth is always a substantial one. It is vital that mom have knowledgeable, non-judgemental support during those early weeks. Whether it's talking through the birth and feelings afterwards, a referral to a trusted professional, or warm & nourishing foods and drink, evidence shows that having a trained support person is essential for every new mom.

woman holding a baby's feet
Feeding & Baby Care

Whether breast or bottle feeding, staying at home or returning to work, feeding babies can be challenging...especially as each new baby brings his/her unique circumstances. Feeding, sleeping, bathing, diapering, babywearing...there is no shortage of questions in those early weeks! I highly value the opportunity to provide information, support, and a trusted network of resources and referrals.

groceries in a basket
Household Help

Once baby is home, the last thing a
new parent has energy for are the everyday responsibilities of normal life. No matter how much help you have, there always seems to be more to do! This is a crucial time for parents to recover & get to know baby. I cherish lightening the load by preparing meals, house help, playing with siblings, running errands, or freeing up mom to shower or nap.

Throughout our contract period, I'm happy to answer questions, share resources, recommend referrals, or simply chat. The postpartum period, particularly the first 3 months, are a transition like none other in life. Though other cultures have incredibly rich traditions for honoring this time, today we often rush back to "real life" far too quickly. I am honored to care for families during such a challenging & beautiful time.

Postpartum Package: $225*

  • one planning session during pregnancy to strategize postpartum needs (~1 hr)

  • four postpartum appointments: reflecting on the birth experience/providing emotional support, feeding assistance, sibling care, and practical home support including light housework, meal preparation, running errands, suggesting referrals, etc. (~2 hrs each)

  • daytime availability to answer questions via email, text, or call for your entire contract period

Recognizing the sincere value of postpartum support, I also offer extended postpartum services at a rate of $28 per hour.

adoptive couple holding baby shoes

Welcoming a baby into your family is always a huge transition. Newborn adoption doula support provides an adoptive family with many of the same aspects of postpartum care - from feeding, sleeping, and infant care to emotional support and household help.

*rate determined on case-by-case basis*

forget me not flowers

Whether anticipated or not, loss of a child
is a challenge many never imagine themselves facing. An emotional and difficult time,
a sensitive support person can walk with a family as they navigate the weeks
that follow by offering a listening ear,
helping organize & preserve precious items,
and connecting them to trusted
counselors and resources. 

*rate determined on case-by-case basis*

education notebook

In addition to birth & postpartum support, I also offer basic, custom Childbirth Education as well as prenatal consulting. Let me know if you are interested in either of these offerings. Thank you!

​*I believe that no family should be without birth support solely based on financial restrictions. Special circumstances (reduction/bartering) may be discussed at our initial consultation meeting and decided upon on a case-by-case basis.  Gift Certificates are also available for full packages or hourly postpartum support.

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